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News From Parent Square

Yearbooks for Sale!
Looking to order your student's yearbook? It is available online for $15 till the end of February. In March it changes to $20! All students that purchase a yearbook, get to go to the yearbook party! Buy yours before they are all gone!  Envelopes have gone home today.  There is instructions on the envelopes as well as instructions on how to order online via credit card or debit card.  Please check out the website for ordering to see many more items for sale that can only be found on the website.To order online, go to the following link (Fixed from the last link):

Once you are on the web page,  click on "Buy your Student's Yearbook"
After that search the name of the school, "Arellanes Elementary"  Make sure you do not choose the Junior High.
Once on the right school click on "Shop the Collection"

Online students can order many other items that are customizable.  Everything from clothing to accessories.  Please check it out!
Published: Wed Jan 23 14:26:02 PST 2019